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There are a number of people who are impersonating Laurie online in the various psychic sites to do readings and psychic consultations, they are charlatans and not Laurie herself.   As a public service, we will soon be posting a list of Cabot certified psychics in good standing with the Temple for verification purposes, until then if you have any doubt or questions, call us so you are not deceived.

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Laurie Cabot is the Official Witch of Salem, Massachusetts and a powerful psychic medium. She has been practicing the arts of Witchcraft for over 60 years and opened the world's first Witch Shop in Salem in 1970. From her earliest memories, Laurie knew that she gifted with the power to know what others did not, to use her majick to transform the world around her, and to communicate with those who have passed on.

As a professional psychic for over four decades, Laurie Cabot has counseled celebrities, heads of state, and corporate leaders the world over and taught classes in the science of Witchcraft at Salem State University. She has appeared in countless television shows, newspapers, magazines, and even music videos, and has lectured at Harvard and Oxford universities.

Laurie Cabot will use her psychic skills to guide you with:

  • Clairvoyance
    Laurie Cabot has had the gift of second sight her entire life and, working in an alpha brainwave level (the science behind psychic ability and magic), she is able to draw in visions of things to come and unearth hidden secrets. Laurie has worked with star Robert Stack on TV's Unsolved Mysteries, which documented her work with the Salem Police in locating the body of Martha Brailsford, which was exactly where Laurie said it would be found. Using her gifts, Laurie will see exactly where your life is going and how to change it for the better!
  • Majickal Guidance in Love
    As the author of Love Magic (Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1992), Laurie Cabot wrote the book on how to find true love and enhance your relationships. She will help you to use the majickal tools of love, like herbal charms, perfumes, crystals, and incense to help attract the object of your desire and keep the passion alive!
  • Psychic Career Advice
    Laurie Cabot has worked with major corporations throughout her career on such tasks as evaluating potential executives with her psychic ability and has even worked with Exxon Mobile to help locate oil! She will use these same gifts to help you to find the best path in your career!
  • Spirit Mediumship
    Laurie Cabot has always had the gift to communicate with those who have passed over. She will use this power to help you to reconnect to those on the other side!
  • Guided Meditations
    Laurie Cabot has mastered the Majickal power in the voice, which she will use to help you to reinforce your personal power and accomplish your dreams. The moment Laurie's voice touches your ears, the majick begins!

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